Anna Gavarró (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): Clitics in the acquisition of Romance

Do 3.5., 16-18h in K.11.07


Object clitic omission was first reported as a feature of the acquisition of Romance by Jakubowicz and collaborators. In this talk I review a number of experiments run for Catalan (but also other languages) which have contributed to better define the phenomenon. In particular, clitic omission is not as pervasive as initially thought, but rather constrained by the parochial properties of the language acquired and, within one language, it affects some clitics but not others, in patterns also subject to cross-linguistic variation. The analysis proposed (initially put forward with V. Torrens and K. Wexler) makes clitic omission part of a larger developmental path encompassing seemingly unrelated phenomena, such as root infinitives.