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(lexikalische und syntaktische) Kategorien, syntaktische Merkmale, Argumentstruktur, Aktionsart, Aspekt, Verbalkomplexe, die Lexikon-(Morphologie-)Syntax Schnittstelle, Sprachwandel, Grammatikalisierung, Sprachverarbeitung



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Vorträge & Präsentationen:
04.03.2020: Introduction. (Together with Leah Bauke.) DGfS 42: Theoretical approaches to grammatical (non-)identity in synchrony and diachrony (AG 6), University of Hamburg (Universität Hamburg), Hamburg (Germany).
05.12.2019: All roads lead to eventive past participles: on similarities and contrasts in the grammaticalisation of passive and perfect(ive) participles in Germanic and Romance. Variation and Change in the Verb Phrase, University of Oslo (Universitetet i Oslo), Oslo (Norway).
14.11.2019: The role of temporal cues in verb cluster reordering: Evidence from processing times in optionality contexts. (Joint work with Marcel Schlechtweg & Holden Härtl.) Processing Tense: Linguistic Theory Meets Empirical Evidence, University of Tübingen (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen), Tübingen (Germany).
10.12.2018: ‘Weak’ grammatical aspect: At the interface of aspect and event structure. Brussels Conference on Generative Linguistics (BCGL) 11: The Syntax and Semantics of Aspect. CRISSP, KU Leuven – Brussels Campus (Catholic University of Leuven), Brussels (Belgium).
09.11.2018: The (early) availability of future and perfect information in verbal clusters: Implications for the compositional semantics of composite tenses. (Joint work with Marcel Schlechtweg & Holden Härtl.) Event Semantics Workshop 2018, Heidelberg University (Universität Heidelberg), Heidelberg (Germany).
14.06.2018: The parameterisation of past participial (non-)identity. Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to Microvariation (TEAM 2018), University of Padova (Università degli Studi di Padova), Padova (Italy).
08.06.2018: The (non-)identity of passive and perfect(ive) participles and its parameterisation. Workshop on Aspect and Argument Structure of Adverbs/Adjectives and Prepositions/Participles (WAASAP IV), Pompeu Fabra University (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Barcelona (Spain).
07.02.2018: The categorial indeterminacy of past participles. Workshop zur Verabschiedung von AOR Dr. Thilo Tappe, University of Wuppertal (Bergische Universität Wuppertal), Wuppertal (Germany).
12.09.2017: The properties of perfect(ive) and (eventive) passive participles: an identity approach. Societas Linguistica Europaea 50 - Workshop 19: Participles: form, use and meaning, University of Zurich (Universität Zürich), Zürich (Switzerland).
28.04.2017: Weil man es sonst nicht rechtzeitig wird/hat interpretieren können? AUX-V order and the recoverability of temporal information. Broader Perspectives on Word Order in the VP, University of Bielefeld (Universität Bielefeld), Bielefeld (Germany).
22.04.2017: Past participial non-identity in Germanic: the exceptional status of the Swedish supine. Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference (GLAC 23), University of Texas at Austin (USA).
14.03.2017: What makes a perfect perfect(ive)? Recoverability and the semantics of HAVE (Posterpräsentation). Generative Linguistics in the Old World (GLOW) 40 - Workshop II: Compositionality at the Interfaces, Leiden University (Universiteit Leiden), Leiden (Netherlands).
13.06.2016: Past participial identity in periphrases – and beyond? Workshop on Aspect and Argument Structure of Adjectives and Participles (WAASAP III), University of Lille (Université de Lille), Lille (France).
20.05.2016: Deriving perfect and passive from a single form? Past participial identity in Germanic. Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference (GLAC) 22, University of Iceland (Háskóli Íslands), Reykjavík (Iceland).

Wegner, Dennis. to appear. The categorial, argument structural and aspectual indeterminacy of past participles: a holistic approach. Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft.
Wegner, Dennis, Schlechtweg, Marcel & Härtl, Holden. to appear. Optionality and the recovery of temporal information in German verb clusters. Linguistische Berichte.
Wegner, Dennis. 2019a. The properties of perfect(ive) and (eventive) passive participles: An identity approach. Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics 4(1): 34. Special collectionParticiples: Form, Use and Meaning.
Wegner, Dennis. 2019b. The Underspecification of Past Participles. On the Identity of Passive and Perfect(ive) Participles. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter. [Studia grammatica 83] [Review by Ionuţ Geană in Revue roumaine de linguistique 2020, 2: 203f.]
Wegner, Dennis. 2017. The exceptional status of the Swedish supine: on the parametric variation of past participial (non-)identity. Working Papers in Scandinavian Syntax 99: 1-29.
Breul, Carsten & Wegner, Dennis. 2017. German and English past participles in perfect and passive contexts: an identity view. Sprachwissenschaft 42;1: 1-58.

Wegner, Dennis. 2017. Cecchetto, Carlo & Donati, Caterina. 2015. (Re)labeling. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. In: Linguistische Berichte 252: 499-508.


- seit 11/2018 Akademischer Rat (auf Zeit) in der anglistischen Sprachwissenschaft an der BUW
- 03/2018-10/2018 Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben in der anglistischen Sprachwissenschaft der Universität Kassel
- 2017 Promotion in Allgemeiner Sprachwissenschaft ("The Identity of Past Participles in Passive and Perfect Constructions"; Publikation in Studia Grammatica)
- 10/2015-10/2018 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter im Mentorenprogramm der Anglistik/Amerikanistik (QPL) an der BUW
- 07/2014-03/2018 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Anglistik/Amerikanistik (Linguistik) an der BUW
- SoSe 2013-SoSe 2014 Lehrbeauftrager Anglistik/Amerikanistik an der BUW
- 2012 Master of Arts Anglistik/Amerikanistik (Profil: Linguistik) an der BUW
- 02/2011-06/2014 Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft (WHF/WHK) bei Prof. Dr. Carsten Breul an der BUW
- 2010 Kombinatorischer Bachelor of Arts in den Fächern Germanistik & Anglistik an der BUW
- 2006 Abitur

WiSe 2020/2021 Introduction to Linguistics & Diachronic Syntax
SoSe 2020 Grundlagenseminar Syntax & Contrastive Grammar
WiSe 2019/2020 Parametric Variation in the History of English & Grundlagenseminar Semantik
SoSe 2019 Grundlagenseminar Syntax & Grundlagenseminar Semantik [beide an der BUW], Tense and Aspect in English and German [Blockseminar an der Universität Kassel]
WiSe 2018/2019 Diachronic Syntax, Contrastive Grammar [beide an der Universität Kassel], Grundlagenseminar Syntax, Introduction to Linguistics [beide an der Bergischen Universität Wuppertal]
SoSe 2018 Passive and Perfect Periphrases, Research Methods in Linguistics, Introduction to Syntax, Introduction to Semantics [alle an der Universität Kassel] & 2x Grundlagenseminar Semantik [beide an der Bergischen Universität Wuppertal]
WiSe 2017/2018 Grundlagenseminar Syntax & Grammaticalization and Syntactic Change
SoSe 2017 Grundlagenseminar Syntax & Tense and Aspect in English and German (Contrastive Grammar)
WiSe 2016/2017 Grundlagenseminar Syntax & Past Participles in English and German (Contrastive Grammar)
SoSe 2016 Introduction to Linguistics & Contrastive Grammar
WiSe 2015/2016 Introduction to Linguistics, Grundlagenseminar Syntax & Grundlagenseminar Semantik
SoSe 2015 Grundlagenseminar Syntax & Grundlagenseminar Semantik
WiSe 2014/2015 Grundlagenseminar Syntax
SoSe 2014 Grundlagenseminar Syntax
WiSe 2013/2014 Introduction to Linguistics
SoSe 2013 Grundlagenseminar Syntax

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